A Baby Girl Weighing More Than 6.5 Kilos Is Born By Natural Childbirth. Her Chubby Face Has Conquered The Internet – Babies The World

The birth of a child is always a great event, welcomed by friends and relatives with great joy but awaited even more by parents, who prepare for nine months for the idea of this new adventure. Couples with multiple children certainly have more experience than those with just their first child, and they probably think they’ve seen it all and can’t be surprised by anything anymore. In all likelihood, Melis and her husband, Ben Amey, felt the same way when they found out they were expecting their second child. Melis thought she had gotten used to carrying a taller than average little girl, her first child, but she had no idea that she would soon break all records.

Ben and Melis were over the moon when they learned that they would be the parents of a second baby girl. Like many couples, they wanted to have a large family and were eager to welcome their new daughter. Melis had already been through the experience of pregnancy and Ben had been through the experience of becoming a parent, and there was nothing to scare them about it.

Melis had noticed, however, that this second pregnancy seemed to be more difficult than the first. Her baby bump seemed to grow out of all proportion and everything she had experienced during her first pregnancy seemed to be accentuated with this second child. During an ultrasound, the doctor revealed to her that the baby she was carrying was larger than average and even larger than her first daughter, who was born with a weight of almost 6 kg. Despite this incredible news from the doctor, Melis wanted to carry on the family tradition and give birth naturally.

Little Willow came into the world in March 2020, weighing over 6.5 kg. Fortunately, the baby girl was born healthy and strong, with an incredibly chubby appearance. From the start, she had to use three-month-old baby clothes and her big sister’s diapers. Her weight broke all previous records, making her the “biggest baby in Victoria”, a state in Australia.

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