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Dannette believed that she had kidney stones when she went to a nearby hospital with stomach discomfort. She had no idea she’d be leaving with three babies.

Have you ever heard of the famous saying, “be careful what you wish for?” Sometimes when you speak your innermost aspirations aloud, there is a possibility of you getting a response. Most individuals think it’s funny, while others get concerned. So this incident could be the perfect example of that saying.

The 10-year-old boy named Ronnie Giltz was one of those people who thought it was funny. He ignored the warning while hoping for his wish to turn into reality. That dream turned out to be for a new family member – a newborn brother. According to KOTA, the kid said,

“I once saw a falling star and prayed for a baby brother and two sisters for my younger sister because she had always desired a little sister. My wish came became a reality as I expected.”

Dannette, his mother, is simply in utter disbelief about what happened. She was brought to the hospital as she was in excruciating agony. However, she thought that it was due to kidney stones. But It wasn’t any stones in her Kidney or any other disease.

Next, the doctors advised the hospital staff to take Dannette to labour.

Think of getting a tummy pain and then being informed you’re pregnant and due to deliver in a few hours.

Dannette describes what happened in the doctor’s office.

“Upon taking a urine specimen, the physician returns and says, ‘You’re pregnant.’ Next, the doctor conducted an ultrasound test and told us, ‘It may be twins inside your tummy.’”

Dannette, already a mother of two, was surprised to hear it. She was even more shocked to hear that she was hours away from delivery.

The dramatic events didn’t end there, though. Dannette was perplexed when the doctor emphasized the need for another towel even after the twins were delivered.

According to KOTA, the mother said:

“I was informed that I’m having twins. I was like,’ I’m not going to be having three. This can’t be true’.”

Dannette and her spouse, Austin, couldn’t believe their eyes.

They weren’t expecting it, yet it wasn’t something that the couple disliked.

The couple, Dannette and Austin, immediately realized that it would be difficult for them. Because their life flipped upside down with this event. Before, they lived a settled life, parenting two children and figuring things out in life. But now, they have three more kids. However, the couple was determined to face the financial strain, and they did everything possible to raise their children.

Fortunately, the kind people in their neighbourhood didn’t hesitate to step in and assist them.

“It’s astonishing how many people will gather in a little town for something unexpected.”

Dannette’s mother was asked if she had observed any maternal indicators or not. She answered the question on Facebook like this:

“I hadn’t ever experienced anything, and I never suffered cramps!”

The happiest news about the newborn babies, Blaze, Gypsy, and Nikki, is that all of them are in excellent condition.

While everything was going on, Ronnie, the elder brother of the triplets, must be having quite the experience of a lifetime! Think of having this level of good fortune at some point in life. It would be great, isn’t it?

Watch the below clip for more information about this wonderful incident and how the family faced the challenges that came with it. Don’t forget to share this incredible story with your loved ones.

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