When a couple finds out their adopted son has a newborn sister, they decide to give her a permanent home. – Natureistic Me

The couple was parents to two kids. One day they got a call that changed their lives forever.

The couple, Joseph and Shanna Weight, were stunned after hearing the proposal, and later they decided to include their fostered child’s little sister in their family.

After being together for more than nine years, the couple from Elk Ridge, Utah, decided to foster children.

The couple registered as foster parents in August 2012, and they adopted a boy named Milo two weeks later.

Milo, their adoptive kid, arrived two weeks after signing up in August 2012.

Milo’s biological mother was just 18 years old when she decided to put him up for adoption.

Joseph Weight said to Good Morning America, “Milo’s biological mother grew up in a family with many brothers and sisters with different fathers. She has not known her father. Therefore, she desired her son to have a more satisfying life than she did.”

The Weights couple had a baby boy after two years of adopting Milo. He was named Nash.

Shanna Weight described Milo as “sort of the dream first baby.” “He was everything for us. I don’t know how to turn my feelings about him into words. Later Nash joined our family. The joy and excitement in our house were overflowing.”

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