“Are You Expecting A Horse?” Mom Reveals Brutal Bullying From Trolls Due To The Size Of Her Pregnancy Bump – Babies The World

Elisha Bakes, from Melbourne, Australia, constantly received negative comments about the size of her bump when she was pregnant with her son Kaelen. The mother-of-two told of how she was brutally ʙᴜʟʟɪᴇᴅ because of the size of her pregnancy bump

Elisha Bakes, who has a son, Kyson, 21 months, was told her bump was “gross” and that she “must be expecting a horse” while pregnant with her second son. She gave birth last month but struggled to deal with a flood of negative comments while expecting.

Personal assistant Elisha Bakes started receiving negative comments about the upcoming birth of her son Kaelen when she shared a picture of her 14-week bump on Instagram last year.

The 160cm-tall mother said she was targeted by dozens of trolls who told her she must be further along than she claimed to be – and the negative comments just kept coming.

Bakes said, “When my third trimester started, I started to receive more and more comments about my growing baby bump. They would always be very repetitive, including that I was having 78 kids, giving birth to a horse, or it must have been triplets.


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