Couple Suffers Injuries Before Fatally Shooting Wild Bear During Home Invasion

A Wisconsin couple recently had a near-death experience with a black bear at their residence near the city of Medford. The incident occurred last week when the couple noticed that the black bear was eating from a birdfeeder, just outside of the property. In an attempt to shoo the animal off, the couple cracked open a window and yelled in its direction. Instead of driving the bear away, the loud noise appeared to agitate the bear, as it turned around and immediately charged toward the couple’s house.

The black bear then crashed through a window and made its way into their place of residence. From there, a battle of life and death ensued. Although each of the residents suffered multiple bites, they fought back by stabbing the wild animal numerous times with some kitchen knives. The chaotic confrontation waged on until the husband managed to evade the bear, grab his gun and discharge his weapon. After the husband shot and killed the bear, his wife called the Taylor County Sherrif’s Office. All of this took place, while the couple’s children were in the house sleeping.

According to reports, the black bear was an adult female that left behind at least one cub that was seen near the incident. Shortly after the shooting, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources showed up at the couple’s home and took the bear’s corpse away, so that they could run tests at their facility.

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