Current Appearance Of Newborn Baby “Beautiful From Infancy”

More than three years ago, the image of a newborn baby with extremely elite lines even though it was only born not long ago has caused a social media storm across Asia for a long time. While most babies have to wait a few months after that appearance is clear, the thai Arsya is just born handsome as a male god with big black eyes, red lips, pink cheeks, high nose, two delicate willow eyebrow lines.

Many people almost called his face as Arsya’s western hybrid as a testament to the saying “beautiful from the beautiful infancy”. The first person to post pictures of Arsya was Dr. Anton Tanjung. The doctor was the one who was born at the hospital. At first, everyone mistook the handsome doctor for the father of the baby, because “whoever the father is”, but then everything was clarified. However, so far, Arsya’s father’s appearance has not been seen, so many people still wonder how “male god” he gave birth to such a beautiful son.

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