Couple promises: No dining out, no snacking, no alcohol

When the American childhood sweethearts Danny and Lexi got married, they were both overweight. Danny weighed 125 kilos, while Lexi weighed 220 kilos. The couple had been together for about 10 years and consumed fast food almost daily.

This behavior had resulted in the couple getting fatter and fatter over the years. Only when they looked back at the photos of their wedding day did it really dawn on them: This was no longer sustainable. So, they decided to start the new year by improving their lives…

The couple supported each other throughout an entire year and motivated each other. They worked hard every day to get a healthier body. “We didn’t have a meal plan,” said Lexi. “No surgery or personal trainer was involved either. What we did have was the presence of the other person and the motivation to work hard every day. We wanted to become parents in the future and to spend a long life together.”

It would ultimately result in an impressive transformation. By watching their food for a year, no snacking, no drinking alcohol, and exercising five to six days a week in the gym, the duo lost no less than a combined 179 (!) kilos of bodyweight.

You can see what they look like today on the next page …

The couple appears to be unrecognizable. In the left photo, the lovebirds can be seen on their wedding day, and the right picture shows the appearance of the couple more than a year later. Their perseverance changed more than just their appearance. Lexi: “We have lost weight but have also become so much stronger. Kilo by kilo, step by step, day after day, we have transformed our lives and our bodies, and today, we are the people we have always wanted to be.”

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