9-Months Pregnant Woman Does Acroyoga With Her Husband And Now With Their Newborn!

Since giving birth, they’ve been striking poses with the baby. Lizzy Tomber practiced acroyoga up until four days before her son’s birth in February, even balancing upside down on her husband’s hands.

Tomber travels the world teaching acroyoga with her husband, Josh Young. The couple, who are currently in Washington, D.C., before taking off on a months-long trip around the world, are now including their two month-old-son, David, in their amazing poses too.

“He’s been doing acrobatics since before he was born,” Tomber, 33, told ABC News. “He’s just holding up his own neck, so we’re not rushing it, but hopefully he grows to love doing acrobatics.”

Tomber began practicing acroyoga, or acrobatics, at age 25 and soon gave up her professional job to do acroyoga full-time with Young, whom she met in an acroyoga class.

She says her doctor gave her the go-ahead to practice throughout her pregnancy as long as she stuck to doing poses she knew well. “My doctor was really awesome and said, ‘If you’re comfortable and this is what you do on a daily basis you shouldn’t stop doing it,’” said Tomber.

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