Khan Baba “Pakistani Hulk” Claims Weighing 961 lbs and Strongest man in the world

28-year-old Arbab Khizer Hayat from Pakistan, Maradan also known by the name of Khan Baba and “The Pakastani Hulk” claims to be 961 lbs (436 kg) and the strongest man on the planet.

He has however never competed in the world’s strongest man and if he is really 961 lbs he is more than double the weight of the world’s strongest man Hafthor Bjornsson who is 425 lbs.

To give you another example Ronnie Coleman one of the biggest bodybuilders of all time was 320 lbs in his offseason and he was HUGE.

If in fact Khan Baba is not lying about his weight that would make him three times heavier than Ronnie Coleman was in his off season at his heaviest.

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