Stay-At-Home Mom Goes Viral With 2.1M Likes For Showing What She Does All Day After BF Blames Her For Doing Nothing

People say parenting is one of the most rewarding experiences in our lifetime. Yet, let’s not forget that it requires a lot of responsibilities, worries, and effort.

So, to be successful in their mission to raise healthy and happy children, parents need time and patience. Taking care of kids means giving them all your time and focus, and this can be similar to a job without working hours as you will be needed 24/7.

Although we might think that everyone understands the difficulties of raising a child, some people still have an opinion that stay-at-home parents do nothing. Bored Panda already covered a story about a stay-at-home mom who shared her efforts of raising her child and how unappreciated she feels.

A TikTok user who is a mom to two little kids shared what she does all-day

It was stressed that people don’t consider this as a job as it doesn’t bring you monetary value. Although parents are in charge of raising a good, helpful and honest member of society, some people say that what these parents (mostly mothers) do is just sit at home and not do any significant thing. We can say that what others think is not important, but what happens when someone close to you thinks like that?

She decided to make this video after she was told by her boyfriend that while he is working, she doesn’t do anything all day.


I just want to feel appreciated… 😞 so many things I didn’t even record. Tik tok I am 22 stop taking this down for drinking .

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