Aussie TikTok star was streaming live when she became victim of a ‘targeted’ acid attack

A TikToker was recording a livestream before she was allegedly sprayed with acid in a targeted attack and left with facial burns.

Jenny Elhassan, 32, was dining at the Old Town Hong Kong restaurant on Dixon Street at Haymarket, in Sydney, at 11pm on Friday.

She started a livestream as she left the venue when a black hatch pulled up in front of her.

Footage shows Ms Elhassan howling for water and begging for help from her terrified sister Alia.

‘I can’t see,’ she says. ‘Alia I can’t breathe. Come give me mouth to mouth.’

Restaurant staff handed Ms Elhassan bottles of water before she poured the liquid over her face.

She took shelter in the restaurant before paramedics transported her to Royal North Shore Hospital.

Ms Elhassan filmed another video in her hospital bed showing the extent of damage to her face with burn marks on her neck and above her eyebrow.

The 32-year-old said she was wearing glasses at the time, but the ‘black acid’ still managed to get into one of her eyes.

‘See the burn marks on my neck, the burn marks across my head and my eyesight,’ she said.

Police set up a crime scene and called in the NSW Fire and Rescue HAZMAT crews for assistance.

Detectives from Sydney City Police Area Command have launched an investigation.

NSW Ambulance inspector Andrew Bibb said: ‘When paramedics arrived, this patient was very distressed and appeared to be struggling to breathe.

‘Her face was quite swollen as a result of the chemical substance which was also impacting her vision.

‘A chemical burn to any part of the body is extremely concerning let alone to a person’s face.

‘Of all the injuries paramedics attend, burns can be the most painful and difficult to manage.’

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