Pregnant woman shares ‘hilarious’ comments she receives about her extra large bump

A pregnant woman has shared some of the ‘hilarious’ comments that she receives from people about her extra large bump – including one person who joked that her baby was living in ‘a loft with WiFi’ inside of her belly, and another who wrote that she was carrying a ‘whole adult’ in there.

Brooke Luney, 32, from California, who is expecting her sixth child – a baby boy – any day now, said she has always ‘carried very big.’

The mom-of-five (soon to be six) – who is four-feet-11-inches – blames her enormous bump on her ‘short torso.’

Brooke has been documenting her pregnancy journey on TikTok, and she has garnered a lot of attention due to her stomach’s insanely large size.

People often flood her videos with comments about her massive bump, and many of them can’t believe she is carrying only one baby and not twins or triplets.

‘I think there’s a whole adult in there,’ wrote one viewer.

Another added: ‘Bro, that ain’t one baby, it’s 11.’

A third comment read, ‘You sure there’s not a whole house in there?’

She also revealed in one video, while showing off her swollen stomach that someone once told her her belly was so big, they thought her baby was ‘living in a loft and already has WiFi.’

But Brooke is not bothered by the comments, in fact, she finds them pretty entertaining.

She told Today Parents, ‘Lots of them are from teenage boys and I find them hilarious. They’re kids and they don’t know.’

While chatting with The Independent, she explained that she’s hoping to spread her confidence and positive mindset to others – especially those who have struggled with insecurities over their pregnant bodies.

‘I delete the hurtful comments,’ she said. ‘I don’t want to interact or see them. I’ll respond to the questions and hopefully my positivity will reach others.

‘I’m hoping we can change the expectations society has for women. The [comments] I love are those from other women who’ve struggled with their pregnancy bodies. I’ve been told it’s uplifting and they’re glad I’m staying positive!’

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