Property Brothers’ famous Drew Scott and wife Linda expecting first child

Property Brothers star Drew Scott and wife Linda Phan are expecting their first child this spring.

The couple, who married four years ago and have been partners for more than 12 years, shared matching Instagram posts to announce their baby joy.

Phan, a podcast producer, showed off hints of her baby bump in a chic maroon dress for a social media share before chatting with PEOPLE magazine about how her pregnancy comes after a two-year fertility journey with invitro fertilization and also intrauterine insemination procedures.

‘We know we’re not alone in this experience and that everyone’s is filled with unique challenges along the way. When we first started down this path, we quickly felt sooooo appreciative of the doctors we’ve been fortunate to work with, and fam and friends who supported us throughout, sharing their stories or simply just being there.

‘It made an overwhelming time in our lives more manageable. We hope as we grow through this, that even one of you reading this can also feel a little less lonely in whatever path you’re on!’

The HGTV host and his wife often spoke about family planning efforts on their podcast, At Home with Linda & Drew Scott , and officially received the good news in August after rounds of IVF and IUI.

‘For a while I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to share, or if I wanted to share at all,’ Phan said of going public with their struggles conceiving.

‘Even with close family and friends, we didn’t tell them right away just because I needed to process the feeling myself before diluting it with other people’s excitement.’

She admitted to struggling with recognizing her own feelings after finding out she was pregnant.

‘It’s not that I wasn’t excited, it was just really confusing because we got the news from our fertility doctor and I guess it’s just not how I imagined it,’ she said. ‘Not that it made it disappointing in any way, I think I just had more of a sense of relief at first.’

Scott echoed similar challenging feelings: ‘Every step of the way there is something scary or there is the unknown. We have friends who have unfortunately had miscarriages and we have other friends who have tried IVF many, many times without success.’

For now, Drew and Linda hope that by sharing their story, other families may feel at least a little bit of hope and less isolated in the oftentimes daunting process of family planning.

‘I think that this creates a bit more of a community of people who have either been through the process or are about to go through the process or have been having certain difficulties to realize, you’re not alone,’ he said.

‘There are a lot of us that have had complications and I think that something like this is something that we should talk about, because then it doesn’t make it as scary a thing. It makes it something that is more relatable.’

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