UNDER YOUR SKIN: Swedish company introduces COVID-microchip to verify vax status A microchip technology introduced i

A microchip technology introduced in recent years by the Stockholm-based startup Epicenter is being presented as a means to store one’s COVID-19 vaccine passport under the skin, according to a video from the South China Post that went viral Friday.

The firm has showcased an implant capable of storing a COVID passport that can then be read by any device using the near-field communication (NFC) protocol, according to the video.

The video featured DSruptive CEO Hannes Sjöblad, who was founder of the Swedish Association of Biohackers.

Sjöblad demonstrated how Epicenter’s rice-sized microchip, which has been adapted as a COVID-19 passport, is implanted under the skin either in the arm on between the thumb and forefinger.


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