Truck smashes into aUS military convoy sparking inferno

Eight US soldiers have been injured after a truck smashed into the back of a military convoy sparking an inferno on a German highway.

Three US army vehicles, including two fuel tankers, were pulled up on the roadside when the articulated truck filled with wood chips plowed into the back of them in Bavaria on Monday.

Multiple people were injured and eight soldiers were sent to the hospital for check-ups for smoke inhalation.

Police are treating the crash as an accident. They said the 660 gallons of fuel in the tanks did not catch fire but that the wood chips in the commercial truck and the tires of the vehicles went up in flames.

Photos showed the vehicles engulfed in flames as fire crews rushed to tackle the blaze, dousing them in foam and water.

A spokesman for the 7th Army Training Command at Grafenwöhr told German newspaper Bild: ‘Three US vehicles were on the way from Hohenfels on the motorway towards Grafenwöhr.

‘Because they were separated from their escort vehicles, they waited on the side of the road. This is where the crash took place.

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