Obese man and size six wife beg trolls to ‘leave them alone’

An Australian woman who packed her bags and moved to the UK to marry her ‘obese’ fiancé is sick and tired of being branded as ‘fake’ by thousands online.

Size six Sienna Keera, 26, and plus-size actor George Keywood, 27, say their relationship is real and full of ‘so much love’ in Tik Tok videos and have no time for haters who doubt them.

The couple met on Instagram in 2018 and spoke for six months before Sienna made the move overseas.

Despite their weight differences, which may say is ‘odd’, the pair are happily married and have a one-year-old son called Oliver.

Sienna told she just wants trolls to ‘leave their relationship alone’.

Their loved-up TikTok videos have caught the attention of a global audience and in several other videos the couple respond to negative comments.

‘Yeah it’s all a façade guys, we’re paid actors.. that’s not a child [screaming] in the background,’ she said in one clip, and George said: ‘Get over it’.

In another video, George can be seen with the couple’s toddler on his knee, while Sienna dances in front of the camera.

The cruel words so casually slung at them by the general public appear on the screen as she moves.

‘You two won’t last.’ ‘This isn’t love.’ ‘They are both so odd.’ ‘It’s all fake for TikTok.’

Sienna also says their sex life is ‘the best I’ve ever had’ and that despite the cruelty from followers online, she finds his ‘belly’ a ‘turn on’.

In response to those who criticise her relationship, Sienna told FEMAIL: ‘The hate doesn’t get to us. We love each other and nothing anyone says will change that.

‘Our aim is to encourage people to accept themselves for who they are. Thank you to everyone who supports us and sends positive messages our way.’

Fans have been quick to support the pair, with one person writing: ‘Better cuddles!! You go guys,’ while another said: ‘Absolutely beautiful couple.’

A third added: ‘I don’t see what the obsession is over the fact that he’s a big man and you’re gorgeous. Who cares what y’all look like. You love each other and seem to have a happy healthy family.’

They explain that their lives are full of love, for each other and their young son, and that they are happy, but despite this some has gone as far as to say the young woman looks scared in all of her videos with her partner.

‘They aren’t hate comments, they are concerns, she looks scared in her videos and barely blinks,’ one person said.

Others described them as ‘the ultimate TikTok couple’

Another woman said she is a size six and her ‘most beautiful relationship’ was with a man who weighed 140kg.

Sienna and George refuse to let the haters keep them down despite Sienna being regularly called a gold digger and George constantly told he’s ‘punching’.

Sienna also showcases her slender physique in figure-hugging ensembles – while George is equally unashamed to show off his body, often appearing in the clips topless.

The Australian mum insists George is her ‘dream man’ to her 55,900 followers, with her fiancé telling the ‘skinny boys’ that she has ‘always liked fat boys’.

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