Man, 21, with terminal cancer proposes to his girlfriend as he prepares for his last Christmas

An apprentice tradesman who had cancer cut out of his knee before Christmas last year and was given the all-clear from doctors has been told the disease is back – far worse than before – and he may not make it through the next few weeks.

Kienan Moore, 21, was struggling to climb up a ladder at work in November 2020 when he noticed a lump had formed behind his knee.

Thinking it would go away on its own the Gold Coast local left it alone, until the pain became so bad he was forced to visit a doctor.

Tests confirmed Kienan had a clear cell sarcoma behind his left knee. It was straightforward to remove and the young man was told it likely wouldn’t bother him again.

But the problem with clear cell sarcomas is they spread quickly to other parts of the body if not removed immediately and it can return after treatment, something Kienan learned on December 3 after experiencing out-of-the-blue chest pains.

‘Kienan’s cancer has spread to his lungs, brain, spine, also back into his leg… there is no cure, no fix, unfortunately it saddens me to let everyone know Kienan has been given three to six months to live,’ a GoFundMe set up for him stated on December 11.

It’s earth-shattering news to hear weeks before Christmas but Kienan, who is a keen surfer and football player, has taken the dire prognosis in his stride.

Despite feeling pain equivalent to ‘someone ripping your spine out’ the ‘bright, happy and well-loved’ man has compiled 60 activities he wants to complete before his time runs out.

And at number one on the list, and newly completed, was proposing to his girlfriend of two years Olivia Hinz.

On Thursday last week Kienan organised for a truckload of flowers to be delivered to Gold Coast Hospital where he dropped to one knee in an area where staff normally eat lunch, and asked Olivia to marry him.

‘I could not be more proud to be marrying this beautiful man, he is the man of my dreams and more,’ Olivia wrote on Facebook.

‘I wish we could grow old together and do all the things we planned to do but at least we will get the most important thing done, getting married. I will be forever in love with you.

‘Our love will live on, that’s something that will never leave me, something I will never forget. I will be loving you everyday until it is my turn to say goodbye to this thing we call life, our love is eternal.’

The pair plan on marrying soon, with riding in a hot air balloon, going on a fishing trip with his friends and taking his sister Cassel on a weekend away also on his list of must-do activities.

Kienan and Olivia named a star ‘Savannah’ as part of their plans – the name they chose for the daughter they will tragically never get to have together.

‘Never take anything for granted and live your life to the absolute fullest, you just don’t know what’s around the corner,’ Olivia said of their predicament.

When he’s not trying to fulfill his bucket list Kienan is doing radiotherapy treatment at the hospital but there is no promise it will ease his physical pain.

The GoFundMe page started by a family friend in his honour has already raised $30,000 which will be used to help grant some of Kienan’s more expensive wishes.

‘Looking back I wouldn’t change anything about my life because then I wouldn’t be the person I am today. This is my journey and I’m going to make the most of my time here by spending it with my friends, family, and Olivia,’ he told the Courier Mail.

‘I’m more worried about the people I’ll be leaving behind. I’m trying not to dwell on the things I’ll never get to do and instead focus on how full my life has been.

‘I want to go out surrounded by love.

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