Woman who married a tree to save its life says they are still going strong

A mother-of-two who married a tree says the pair are still going strong – and are celebrating their third Christmas together.

Kate Cunningham, 37, who changed her surname to Elder when she and the elder tree tied the knot in 2019 in Sefton, Merseyside, says the pair are more loved-up than ever this festive season.

The mother, who works as a carer for her autistic son alongside her environmental work, visits the tree up to five times a week and has even decorated it with a wreath, tinsel and baubles for Christmas.

And she will spend Boxing Day with her bark-covered other half – leaving the rest of her family at home in Melling, Merseyside.

Kate married the tree three years ago in protest against plans to build a bypass through her local country park at the time.

The mother-of-one said the tree completes her and her love has only grown since their wedding at Rimrose Valley Country Park in September 2019.

She described the tree as part of her family and said their union changed her life for the better.

She plans to visit the tree on Boxing Day to make sure it isn’t left out of her festive celebrations.

She said: ‘It’s our third Christmas together now so it almost feels like tradition to get the decorations out for it.

‘When I was putting them up, the tree was as attractive to me as ever in the bright December sun.

‘I made the wreath from holly, ivy, pine and red winter berries which I foraged from a walk over the weekend.

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