‘Magnum Mum’ takes on the cops after her ice cream was mistaken for a phone while driving (VIDEO)

‘Magnum Mum’ takes on the police after her favourite frosty-snack was mistaken for a MOBILE PHONE while driving – here’s the ingenious way she fought the $496 fine

  • Michelle Course had her fine dropped after policeman made a simple mistake
  • She was handed a $496 fine after highway patrol saw her eating ice cream 
  • The officer believed the Magnum was a mobile phone when he pulled her over

    A determined mum narrowly dodged a steep fine after police mistook her icy-treat for a mobile phone while she was driving.

    Beautician and Melbourne mum Michelle Course was slapped with a $496 fine for using a mobile phone while driving in November last year.

    But Ms Course wasn’t using her mobile, and was instead innocently chowing down on a Magnum ice cream – and soon produced its wrapper and a receipt, showing she bought the tasty snack just six minutes before she was stopped by police.

    Although the ice cream lover had her reservations about taking her fine to court she decided she needed to defend her snacking rights, and soon produced phone records to prove she never used the device.

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