Cuomo’s CNN producer hosted pool parties with frineds of his kids

Chris Cuomo’s ‘pedophile’ CNN producer hosted sleepovers and pool parties with friends of his three young children while being investigated for sexually assaulting nine -year-old girl

  • CT man who knew family said he couldn’t believe Griffin was allowed to walk free
  • Griffin had been on the authorities’ radar since at least August 2020
  • They arrested mom that month who allegedly took her daughter to Griffin for sex
  • Griffin’s computers were seized in Sept. 2020 – and yet he was still not arrested

    Chris Cuomo’s CNN producer John Griffin hosted sleepovers and pool parties with friends of his three young children while being investigated for sexually assaulting a nine-year-old girl.

    Connecticut man who knows the Griffin family told of his disbelief that the suspected pedophile was free to interact with children while authorities spent 17 months probing the case.

    Griffin, 44, and his wife Allyson, 46, hosted children’s parties at their colossal $4 million mansion overlooking Long Island Sound in Wilson Point, Connecticut.

    ‘The Griffins have young children, and those young children have friends,’ the resident told Fox News. ‘I know someone who is friends with their daughter and went to a pool party at their house last summer, and he [Griffin] was there.’

    Griffin and his wife separated last year but had been trying to repair their marriage at some point last summer, sources told the broadcaster.

    The source said it was well known that Griffin was a heavy drinker and was rumored to have spent time in rehab.

    He was charged in Vermont in October 2020 for drink driving after smashing into another car.

    He was arrested on December 10 in Connecticut on a federal indictment out of Vermont for allegedly soliciting three mothers to have sex with their underage daughters.

    However, Griffin had been on the authorities’ radar for more than a year after a mother who took her nine-year-old daughter to meet the TV producer was arrested in August 2020.

    Griffin is alleged to have paid the mother $3,350 so that he could sexually abuse the child.

    The mother and daughter flew from Nevada to Boston where Griffin picked them up in his Tesla in July 2020. He then took the pair to his $2 million Vermont mountain chalet where the abuse is said to have taken place.

    Police in Henderson, Nevada, arrested 48-year-old Heather Carriker the following month on two counts of child abuse, two counts of sexual assault against a child under 14 and one count of lewdness with a minor under 14.

    Griffin was named in the complaint against her.

    Federal authorities were made aware of the allegations and on September 2, 2020, seized ‘computers, storage media, devices, phones, cameras, MicroSD cards, images and video,’ from Griffin, according to court papers.

    But they waited another 16 months before arresting the TV producer, leaving him free to interact with young children who were friends with his own kids.

    The Connecticut resident suggested that Griffin’s status in the community may have helped shield him from being arrested sooner.

    He told Fox the Griffin family have a ‘nouveau riche vibe’ and ‘splashed money all over town.’

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