Bartender, 24, records male customer harassing her and trying to lure her back to his hotel

A female bartender has shared the extremely uncomfortable interaction she had with a male customer who insisted she owned him a ‘good time’ in his hotel room because he tipped her for her service. 

Kayla Governor, 24, was already feeling ‘scared and very uncomfortable’ when she began recording during a shift last month, explaining that the man’s initially harmless flirting had turned aggressive, with him inviting her to his hotel room to do cocaine — and not taking no for answer.

In the video, which has gone viral on TikTok, the man can be heard repeatedly batting away her refusals, telling her she ‘looks like the type’ and ‘needs it’ and arguing: ‘It’s the least you could do… because I took good care of you today. You made so much money off of me.’

When she quips, ‘Kinda like you?’ he replies truthfully, ‘I have a lot to say actually… a whole lot of ideas. And I like to be different. How many guys come in here as cute as I am and offer you something different?’

She answers, ‘Yeah, but I didn’t want that.’

‘I just feel like you don’t know that you need it,’ he tells her, to which she says, ‘I know that I don’t.’ 

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Kayla said that men are flirty and pushy with her ‘almost every time’ she works, but this was the first time she ‘actually got scared and very uncomfortable.’

‘I think this honestly shows that women are still looked at as objects and property. I’m doing my job, and my job happens to be serving alcohol. That doesn’t make it okay for men to act like I owe them something else,’ she said. 

‘I think men need to understand me being nice is a part of my job. Not every bartender is flirting with you. We’re being nice and polite,’ she went on. 

‘I’m not even saying men can’t flirt with their bartender, especially if she does show interest back. However, if she says no like I did many times, then it’s time to respect the word “no.”‘

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