The unfiltered snap of an exhausted mother breastfeeding her twins breaks the internet.

Mother was not expecting the image to gain much attention once uploaded online on social media.

Becoming a mother is one of the most exciting things in any women’s life. If we’re honest, those small glimpses are seldom, but they’re incredible. The filthy, disgusting, and gruelling moments while giving birth depicts the strength inside a mother. After seeing a snapshot of her taken by her husband, Amy Griffith realised this.

Amy Griffith, a mother of twin babies, unexpectedly went viral for a snapshot of her taken by her hubby.

The difficulty of motherhood doubles when you’re a mother of twin babies. It might be exhausting as the workload doubles, and it requires a lot of strength physically and mentally.

“I went to the clinic for a regular ultrasound checkup to see how far along we were in our pregnancy. After the test, the doctor said,’ I have some good news. There are two babes in your tummy.’ My husband will be surprised to hear this, I said to myself. And then ideas started flooding my mind. Am I strong enough? Can I do it? Will this workout,” Griffith said.

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