Tsunami threat after massive 7.3 earthquake strikes near Australia

A 7.3 magnitude earthquake has been recorded near a remote Australian island.

The Bureau of Meteorology reported the quake near Macquarie Island in the southwest Pacific Ocean at 8.49pm on Thursday.

The earthquake was at a depth of 29.3km. BOM and the Australian territory located south of New Zealand on was briefly on tsunami warning but this was lifted by 10pm.

The quake was also recorded by the US Geological Survey.

Located 1,600km southeast of Tasmania, Macquarie Island is home is to the Australian Antarctic Division station, which is occupied all year round.

It has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997 and is a refuge for large colonies of penguins and seals.

The island is particularly active in terms of seismic activity, sitting on the boundary between the Australian plate and the Pacific plate.

The island had a 8.2 magnitude earthquake in 1989, the largest intra-oceanic earthquake of the 20th century and also recorded a 8.1 magnitude earthquake in 2004.

In December last year a 6.6 magnitude earthquake was recorded on the island.

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