Man is released from prison 23 years after he was wrongly convicted of murdering Taco Bell manager

A man who spent 23 years in a Georgia prison for a murder he did not commit was freed on Monday, over a decade after DNA tied a convicted killer to the crime.

Devonia Inman, 43, was greeted by his mother and stepfather, Dinah and David Ray, as he left Augusta State Medical Prison.

‘I’m happy,’ he said. ‘It’s been a long time.’

Inman was 20 when he was arrested for the 1998 killing of Donna Brown, a night manager at Taco Bell in Adel, Georgia.

He was jailed after prosecutors withheld evidence pointing to his innocence, and remained there for 10 years after DNA identified a convicted murderer as Brown’s actual killer.

Brown, a 40-year-old mother to a seven-year-old son, was leaving for the night with a bag containing $1,732 in cash.

A gunman shot her in the face, stole her car and drove off with the bag of money.

Inman, who had moved from California only a few months before to live with relatives, having fallen in with a bad crowd on the West Coast, was arrested shortly after based on the accounts of four witnesses.

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